Workforce Management Case Study

Workforce Management Case Study

A multi-billion dollar world leader in Banking, this company’s customer base includes virtually every country in the world.


The goal was to study the end user activities and the decisions customer make before buying a product online. Cogentix Systems studied these requirements and formulated a complete roadmap detailing out the development considerations and methodology for building the custom software. The solution was successfully deployed to cloud computing platform. The client’s focus area has moved to this product and now it is the mostThe Bank has been operating for more than 125 years. Client wanted to development a system where they could monitor the performance matrix, real time reports, quality management, human capital management, workforce planning and analytics, time tracking and big data analysis.

Cogentix Systems studied these requirements and formulated a complete roadmap detailing out the development considerations and methodology for building the solution. The solution was successfully deployed to the Bank’s in premises high performance computing platform. profit making product for the organization.


The biggest challenge for the Bank is to connect to the different contact centers across the World, to get an update about the Service level quality of the resources. There was no way to check the health of the system across the globe and a single window to access the global data on a real time basis.
  • To integrate the system in a seamless way so that the featured reports are available real-time.
  • To ensure security of sensitive & confidential data.
  • Provide a system which is highly configurable & scalable in order to cater to the disparate needs of a heterogeneous customer base.
  • To ensure portability of existing critical components & modules.


We developed a Work Force Management software, wherein we read the data from the contact centers spread across the globe and store in Databases. The Product has different access level of security for the senior executive and by logging into the portal they could see the service level, quality of service and measure other parameters.Some of the major activities done to provide the required solution included –
  • Design of a detailed strategy to analyze various solution aspects like Application compatibility, external/internal dependencies, database compatibility, application logs analysis, compliance requirements, operational cost, data security etc.
  • Application UI was analyzed and engineered to meet the senior management.
  • The Authentication model was updated to Active Directory Access Control.
  • Windows services were hosted on the high performance servers.
  • Integration with Diagnostic services to capture application diagnostic data in a transparent manner.
  • Securing the data on premise SQL server.
  • Create a separate module to handle file storage on SQL Blob in place of local file system repositories.
  • Perform the requisite data migration from the bank’s contact center site to the on premises storage service entities.
  • Custom reports to different levels in the organization
  • Custom dashboard with drag and drop feature.
  • Role based restriction to the various users.


Now it’s possible to align, assess, and optimize workforce performance without the added burden and cost of a bolt-on talent management application i.e. because it is the solution to 5 performance management tasks that are often overlooked.
  • The executive team could plan their long term goals and make quick decision on a day to day basis.
  • Going beyond the basics to enhance the value
  • Ability the concentrate on the focus area
  • Conduct self-assessments to get your employees' perspective
  • Seek the opinion and experience of others with 360 degree reviews
  • Give goals a larger context by aligning them with the organization's goals
  • Help your employees improve and succeed with development plans